Should i do it this way?

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Should i do it this way?

Postby MR O » Sat 19 Oct, 2013 10:13

Hi There

I have an IGP of about 10000 gallons with a solid concrete and mosaic tiled liner, heated and the sand filter pump and valve equipment is all situated in a pool room about 20 feet away from the pool,the pool is covered with a safety tarpaulin winter cover, i live in the UK where temperatures occasionally drop down below freezing.
My question is this, if i don't winterise the pool in the usual manner and leave the water to the right level and don't empty any of the pipe work, pump and filter and were to leave the system ready to go, so to speak, is it safe if we had a cold spell to just run the pump for the few days that it was cold enough for the water to freeze? would circulating the water stop it all from freezing up? and if it went really cold i could just run the boiler to raise the temperature above freezing, Whats your opinion?


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Should i do it this way?

Postby CGPoolman » Sat 19 Oct, 2013 12:23

Mr O,

I would play it safe and just winterize the pool, it may cost a few bucks now but could end up saving you in the end. If you only plan on running the pool pump when a freeze is coming, the pool is going to get nasty during the periods of inactivity. You would still have to spend the time and $$$ to clean it up for next season, it may even cost you more depending on how bad the pool gets. Then there is the possibility that if you forget to turn the pump on before a freeze - it could possibly damage your pool equipment if it is full of water and freezes.

Just my 2 cents.


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