Hayward H series heater w/bd error code not found in book

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Hayward H series heater w/bd error code not found in book

Postby ccabrol » Fri 08 Nov, 2013 18:41

I have a fairly new (6 month old) Hayward H400FD natural gas pool heater that is showing a bd error code which is not listed in any documentation I have or find online. It's not a bD or BD error code which IS listed in the manual. I have tried turning off the breaker and turning it back on, hoping it would reset but it did not. It was working fine as recently as yesterday, but I am out of options and it's Friday night before a long weekend, so I know I will not get anyone out here to look at it this weekend. Any ideas?

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Hayward H series heater w/bd error code not found in book

Postby floridapooltech » Wed 08 Jan, 2014 17:56

What you have is actually a H400IDL2 heater, which will have a "bd" error code display. That code is related to your gas valve sensor. Causes are either an internal fault/power up failure, valve sensed as "off" failure caused by gas valve closed but flame sensed, or "on" failure (valve stuck open but should be closed". This can also be set off by a data input error caused by corruption in the controller which will cause a lockout.
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