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Kim CHarleston SC

Deck Jests

Postby Kim CHarleston SC » Sat 07 Dec, 2013 10:39

I am doing a pool deck rework installing Blue Stone and want to add four deck jets at the end of the pool for effect and sound. As I am removing all the concrete it is a good time to update features of the pool.
What are the best deck jets to use, I have looked at Pentair which looks good but know nothing about them. As I understand you need a pool pump to drive these separate from the main pump unless you put a value to push the water to the jets? If you add a separate pump then does that mean another skimmer, filter ? The lines to the jets need to be 1-1/2" and then reduced to each jet.
Each jet needs a drain to take excess water away, where do you pipe this, back to the pool but where?
Any advice would be helpful as I understand the best way to do these jets.

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