Ignitor catches fire

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 25x12 by (3-5) depth, in ground pool.
Heater is Purex Triton Minimax Minimax Plus Millivolt model 250M
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Ignitor catches fire

Postby sciolyso2 » Mon 16 Dec, 2013 15:25

My Pool Heater:

Purex Triton Minimax Minimax Plus Millivolt
Ser # E00298074 Model 250 M
was serviced and a fusible link was removed by the technician, for reason I do not know. The next day the ignition button and surrounding unit had caught fire.
Is this a coincidence or are the two related?

Swimming Pool Pro
Swimming Pool Pro
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Ignitor catches fire

Postby CGPoolman » Wed 18 Dec, 2013 14:27


Fusible links are designed to melt/separate at a certain temperature. If this link was removed and not replaced, this may not be a coincidence. How did the tech bypass the fusible link? I would take photos of everything, then call the tech back out there to fix it.


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