Cell Temp Problem

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Cell Temp Problem

Postby WGFPSAM » Sun 22 Dec, 2013 16:07

My MiniMax nt 400 shuts off as soon as my Cell Temp reaches the set temperature. For example if I set the desired temperature to 104-degrees the heater will run until the Cell Temp reaches 104, which it does in just a couple of minutes, and then it shuts off until Cell Temp drops below 98-degrees. It does this even through the water temp is only - say - 92 degrees. It takes a long time for the heater to heat the spa since it only takes a couple of minutes to get the Cell Temp to the set temperature of 104 so the heater goes on and off many times to get the water heated. Also, where is the sensor for the Cell Temp?

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Cell Temp Problem

Postby floridapooltech » Thu 09 Jan, 2014 10:42


It sounds like you may have a temp sensor that is faulty. If you open the heater there is also a controller with a red LED light on it which flashes in different sequences if it senses some faults. It says Fenway on it if that helps you identify the module.

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