High rate sand filter psi

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blue water
I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 20,000 gallon in ground pool. high rate sand filter with 1 hp pump.
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High rate sand filter psi

Postby blue water » Sat 04 Jan, 2014 20:49

I have a 20,000 gallon in ground pool and my pump burned up. so i changed the pump out and started the unit but my pressure is reading 60psi even after backwashing. I think it should be reading around 15-20 psi. Does anyone know for sure what the pressure should be? It is an old sand filter and im sure it has flock in it.
I think this is what burned the pump out in the first place.

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High rate sand filter psi

Postby CGPoolman » Mon 06 Jan, 2014 08:29

60psi is super high! 15-20 sounds about right depending on the size of your pump. You definitely need to change the sand in the filter if it hasn't completely hardened up inside the tank. If it has, most likely you will need to replace the filter.

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High rate sand filter psi

Postby mas985 » Mon 06 Jan, 2014 19:37

It isn't possible to have 60 PSI with a residential pool pump. That would require the pump to have a max head of 139' and no pool pumps get that high.

You probably have a bad pressure gauge. Does it go to zero when you shut off the pump?
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