Trouble identifying part!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Trouble identifying part!

Postby Grimian » Fri 17 Jan, 2014 06:05

Hi, this is my first post so hope someone out there can help me. Please forgive me in advance if my technical vocabulary is somewhat lacking!

I have an Astralpool PH meter that feeds acid via a small tube to a plastic circular chamber (approx 8" diameter) which returns to the pool. Just after this chamber is the feed for the Javel (Bleach) The chamber is under pressure and has a split lid which is shooting pool water everywhere when the pump is switched on. I tried to glue it as a temporary measure but it would not hold as there must be some flexibility in the plastic and the glue will not allow for this.

Unfortunately I had to leave the pool unfiltered as it is in France and I had to come back to England for a few weeks. The trouble is that I need to know what the part is so I can source a replacement. The lid has an attachment for the acid feed and an earth cable attached to the centre with what looks like a metal probe protruding into the water. (The probe is about the size of a lipstick) There are no other connections to it.

I have a photo of the lid (attached). It must have been sourced in France as there is a sticker on it which states 'Humidificateur de Terre' which literally translated is 'Earth Humidifier' but I am no closer to knowing what that is!

Please can someone put me out of my misery?! Thanks in advance.
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