Copper sulfate instead of chlorine

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Copper sulfate instead of chlorine

Postby prop » Wed 22 Jan, 2014 09:06

i had a bad problem down here in mexico with hard water.the pool would turn green when i added chlorine. now i use copper sulfate and the water is crystal clear and i hardly use any chlorine at is a cement pool and i`m wondering if i can use the same method in my pool in has a vynal liner.


Re: Copper sulfate instead of chlorine

Postby zoolof » Fri 06 Nov, 2015 14:33

Copper is not a sanitizer or oxidizer and is definitely not a chlorine substitute. Small amounts of copper will help the chlorine by killing algae and bacteria, but too much can make stains on the pool surfaces.
Use with caution!!

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