New Plumbing from Pump to Filter

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New Plumbing from Pump to Filter

Postby Guest » Fri 31 Jan, 2014 21:18


I have just purchased a new variable speed pump that is replacing 1.5hp single speed. I have a suction side sweep and a Hayward 36sqft DE filter. The current plumbing includes an elaborate upside down "U" on the vertical side between pump/filter. My question is, is this necessary? There is nearly a straight shot from the pump to the filter, so is this by design to take this extra loop?

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New Plumbing from Pump to Filter

Postby Denniswiseman » Sat 08 Feb, 2014 08:18

An image would be helpfull
However I would think a straight connection with out any unnecessary fittings would be better
The only time I see the need for a loop would be for an expansion loop in a long run of pipework, even then it wouldn't be inverted

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