Leak with low pressure

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Leak with low pressure

Postby gumbi17 » Sat 08 Feb, 2014 17:08

So I have been chasing a leak for quite some time. I had my pool lines where they turned 90 to head back to the pump area start puddling water. I had the pool guy come out and he found a return line was not able to hold 15 psi of pressure. So he used this recirculating liquid for 3 days that he said would re-coat the pipe and seal the small creak. Well when they were trying to use the expanding bags they moved some pebbletech and I found a 3X1" piece in the filter basket by the Hayward Super II pump. Now our normal overflow from the spa to the pool is almost non-existent and we are only able to get 14 psi on the pump where we normally had 22 psi. If I change over to spa mode the 22 psi is showing on the same filter gauge. Do I still have a cracked pipe? It is not leaking like it did before but I am now getting air in the line when I check the filter. Or do I have more of a problem with the pump due to the pebbletech?

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