I need help

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I need help

Postby brownghost77 » Fri 14 Feb, 2014 23:31

I have a in ground 40,000 gallon pool, with a variable 1 horse power speed pool pump, with DE filter. I have several questions?
with a pool that size how long should i be running the pump, and should it be set to run at lower rpms for the greater part of the duration of running the pump?
what is the best type of chlorine to use?, powder or liquid?, how much should I use?
i have a 1 floater, is it enough?
is it better to run the pool pump at night or during the day, is there a difference?
how strong should the chlorine be?
does it matter if a dog swims in the pool?
issues with pool:
walls always get yellow, pool does not stay clear,
does having a dog require more chlorine?

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