New Hayward cartridge filter plumbing; oops?

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New Hayward cartridge filter plumbing; oops?

Postby Sheshore » Sat 08 Mar, 2014 12:51

Did I screw up? I ordered a 2" size Hayward 1200 StarClear II filter to replace a Hayward StarClear 1000. Now that it's here, I realize what I have is 1 1/2"

I have an in ground pool of about 20,000 gals.

There are two skimmer lines coming to the filter from the pool and two returns to the pool. Haven't measured their size yet. In other words, there are two skimmer baskets in the pool and water returning to the pool on both ends when the pump is running. No vacuum port.

The pump is a Whisperflo 1HP.

Nothing else attached to the system.

Can I use an adapter from the smaller piping coming out of the pump to the new filter, or should I replumb it to 2"?

Am I going to break anything if I use this filter instead? How bad did I screw up? I was going to install this myself.

Please help I'm panicking.............


New Hayward cartridge filter plumbing; oops?

Postby User » Sun 09 Mar, 2014 15:59

You can use a 2" x 1 1/2" reducer to make it work.
Just a note that filter is really to small for the pool and you will have to clean it once or twice a month to keep your pool nice. I would suggest a Hayward C4030 SwimClear Cartridge 425 sq. ft. Pool Filter wich will have 4 dartridges in it and you would only clean once a year.

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