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Power to pool

Postby kttx » Fri 04 Apr, 2014 18:06

I came home from traveling to find no power to the pool. I note the GFCI outlet the pool is connected to is tripped and won't reset. Any suggestions?

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Power to pool

Postby CGPoolman » Sun 06 Apr, 2014 17:37

Make sure all the pool equipment is turned off, including the pool timer switch (make sure it is in the off position). Turn the breaker on. If it pops with all the equipment turned off, most likely it is just a bad breaker. If it does not pop, turn the timer switch to on, this should send power to the pool pump. If the breaker pops when the pump is supposed to come on I would say it is a faulty pump motor. If the breaker does not pop then, check the rest of the equipment and what pops the breaker when it is turned on.


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