Stained Plaster

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Stained Plaster

Postby Yeller » Fri 11 Apr, 2014 20:32

I had a friend of a friend asked me about a new plaster pool that was installed in January here in Phoenix. Already the plaster has stains like a charcoal color throughout the surface of the walls and floor. The had jets places on a bench and it really looks like something leaked out of the jets and ran down the bench front. I told them I would try a SS brush to see what I could do. The owner will return in May which I suggested it sounds like a warranty issue and may need to seek legal council for this matter. Any ideas what could cause this it looks pretty patchy..probably an acid wash would resolve this but why should she have to pay.

Thanks in advance, most of the pools I help folks with are pebble-tec. BTW seems to me that the plaster pools seem more prone to mustard and other algae, any truth to that or is it my imagination ?

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