Pool Pump Works Great And Then stops circulating

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Pool Pump Works Great And Then stops circulating

Postby BrandyT13 » Mon 19 May, 2014 21:51

I am soooo frustrated, please help! :thumbdown: i have had my pool for 2 years. It is a above ground 24' pool with a hayward sand filter. I have all my chemicals balanced perfect. And now my pump isnt working right. I can turn my pump on and it works perfect for 3 hours+- and then it stops sucking water into the skimmer or stops circulating water. There will be hardly any water circulation and very little water blowing out the return in the pool. But if i backwash it, then it will work perfect again for 3 hours and then stop again. I have no idea whats happening. I have already replaced the sand and oring on pump lid and the pressure stays the same, it doesn't go up or down? Any ideas?

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Pool Pump Works Great And Then stops circulating

Postby Denniswiseman » Sat 31 May, 2014 11:51

Have you tried it just recirculating, that will eliminate the filter
Does it vacuum OK as that would normally stop circulating quiet quickly
Try lubricating the "O" ring with silicone grease or vaseline

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