Dirt being returned back to pool

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Dirt being returned back to pool

Postby Big-G » Tue 20 May, 2014 20:14

Hello, hope this is in the right location.
When I vacuum the pool I see cloudy water coming from the return jets. There is no sand from the filter itself being shot into the pool, but there is some fine clumps of dirt that settles on the bottom when i vacuum this up it just gets shot back into the pool as a cloud. Then the next day it resettles.
Do I have a cracked lateral in the sand bed or it possible that this debris is just so fine the sand isn't picking it up?

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Dirt being returned back to pool

Postby CGPoolman » Wed 21 May, 2014 10:53


If you aren't getting sand blowing into the pool I doubt you have a cracked lateral inside the filter. I'm not much of a pool chemist but there is a product you can buy at the pool store that will make all that fine debris clump together so it will filter. If that doesn't work, replace the multiport gasket in the filter valve. If that doesn't get rid of the problem then you need to take a look inside the filter.

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Dirt being returned back to pool

Postby Denniswiseman » Sat 31 May, 2014 11:45

Put a clarifier into the pump basket
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Dirt being returned back to pool

Postby billb3118 » Sun 01 Jun, 2014 10:05

I have the same problem, Replaced Laterals, Sand, Lateral Umbrella and Spider gasket, still getting sand out all three of my jets. I have gone through a process of elimination with all of my jets to see if it is one only. If it was one only then I might have a leak in the return pipe but no such luck. All three continue to to flow sand and dirt into the pool. The other thing is my water level does not go down which would indicate a leak if it did.

So my last resort is to replace my filter unless I can get some help (ideas) here.

Any Suggestions.


Bill Butler :problem:

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