Keeping cover on all summer?

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Keeping cover on all summer?

Postby rcam » Thu 22 May, 2014 19:38

We will not be using our pool this summer. Kids are out of town for summer. Is it OK to keep the winter cover on all summer and circulate the filter and add chlorine and other chemicals as needed. We live in HOT weather state of Texas.


TSH Tech

Keeping cover on all summer?

Postby TSH Tech » Mon 02 Jun, 2014 22:29

Yes you will be fine.

I had a client on my service schedule that did exactly that. Though I'm not sure which type you are using(bubble floating cover or LockLoop mesh cover), what you will find is blocking out the sunlight will maintain your chlorine levels longer than usual. Which is good! Continue testing your pool water on schedule, leave the cover on and enjoy!
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Re: Keeping cover on all summer?

Postby bryanwalker » Fri 18 Mar, 2016 02:42

Yeah that the good idea keep covering the pool. I also cover my granite countertops besides my pool.

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