Won't vacuum loses prime

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Won't vacuum loses prime

Postby Stellabell » Mon 26 May, 2014 05:35

My filter seems to be working fine until I start to vacuum. It will work for. Few minutes then loses suction and prime. I went and bought a new hose today thinking it was getting air in the line. Any suggestions would be appreciated because my husband is wanting to order a load if dirt to fill it in

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Won't vacuum loses prime

Postby CGPoolman » Tue 27 May, 2014 16:28

Hi Stella,

Do you have a valve that controls suction between the main drain and the skimmer? If you are completely closing off the drain, sometimes too much suction can collapse the hose and cause restriction in the suction line. Open that valve up a bit and see if that helps.

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Won't vacuum loses prime

Postby Denniswiseman » Sat 31 May, 2014 11:05

I had the same problem

All I had to do was lubricate the pump basket lid "O" ring with silicone grease or Vaseline

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