Jandy Filter Casing Closing Issues

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Jandy Filter Casing Closing Issues

Postby JB32 » Mon 26 May, 2014 10:11

I am having trouble closing the filter casing after I clean the filter. Last year I was able to get the actually casing on easily but the black locking ring was tough to screw down. Now even the casing is tough to screw down even before I get to the the locking ring. Any advice? I do make sure the air tube is set properly and go counterclockwise first to make sure my threads are lined up. Thanks

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Jandy Filter Casing Closing Issues

Postby CGPoolman » Tue 27 May, 2014 16:24


Could be a number of things. These 2 are common: Your tank o-ring could be bloated and needs to be replaced. Or, The surfaces of the top and bottom half of the tank where the o-ring sits can get pretty nasty, make sure they are very clean and lubed so that o-ring sits properly. Sometimes the collar gets worn out but this is rare.


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