Pump below the pool?

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Pump below the pool?

Postby RCR » Mon 26 May, 2014 15:19

We are in the design phase of a new pool. It is looking possible to build a pump house that is below the bottom of the deepest part of the pool. The room would only be 20 feet from the pool but hidden. Would the head pressure be a concern?

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Pump below the pool?

Postby Denniswiseman » Sat 31 May, 2014 11:40

It shouldn't be a problem
For every foot head you have a pressure of 0.434pounds per square inche
Therefore if you was 20 ft below the pool 0.434 x 20 = 8.68lbs per square inche
Your pump probably puts more than that on the system when in use

The fact that you are 20 ft away isn't a problem
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Pump below the pool?

Postby mas985 » Sun 01 Jun, 2014 20:31

For a swimming pool, the head loss change due to elevation changes nets out to zero. On the drop down to the pump, there is head gain on the suction side of the pump and when the water rises again on the pressure side, there is a head loss. So in terms of total head, the head loss should be about the same as if the pump was at the same elevation as the pool and the flow rate should be about the same too, except for any plumbing differences.

However, priming is a lot easier!

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