Maxed Out Ph & Ta, No Fc

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Maxed Out Ph & Ta, No Fc

Postby poolclueless » Wed 28 May, 2014 14:18

Still new to the whole pool thing, I filled our pool almost a wk ago and as I tested, attempted to balance, tested, balanced, tested, etc..... I finally realized our pool strips were bad or something. So with new strips the results were:
FC 0
pH 8.4
TA 240
TH 180
CYA 80

The water is cloudy, smells like chlorine, and I don't want to add any more chemicals if I don't have to. Tried draining around 10% last night to add some fresh water but test had same results this morning. I have four kids (ages 2-10) dying to swim- I could really use some advice!

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