Pool Light Repair

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Pool Light Repair

Postby JohnCaputo » Mon 02 Jun, 2014 13:44

When replacing a 130V 500W Halogen Bulb
the casing had silicone that came apart when separating the front of the lenses from the interlocking back.
I replaced the Silicone with a Epoxy Seemed to the job much better than the silicone, but I am worried with the heat form the lamp if it could cause a Fire?? It didn't seemed to pose any problem when the silicone was used previously. It seems to work fine no problems after installing, but Can anyone give me a sense of comfort knowing that it will be OK.
It woke me up in the middle of the night?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

TSH Tech

Pool Light Repair

Postby TSH Tech » Mon 16 Jun, 2014 00:26

Fire inside a pool light? :wink:

You will be fine.

For the sake of argument - Should the worst happen; the seal breaks, water leaks in and fills up the pool light. Somebody turns on the pool light and immediately, the CGFI breaker pops cutting power to the light.
No pool light for you that evening. :(

Keep in mind, for next time, if you replace a pool light bulb, you must buy the accompanying glass/case seal. Once the seals are broken open, they're sealing ability is over.

Optional - If you wish to get into an LED bulb replacement, they are available. They cost a little more, but it will more than likely be the last light bulb you will ever buy. You will cut your power bill down quite a bit. Instead of 500watts, LED's burn appx. 14 watts in a pool light configuration.

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