Grass growing thru, please help!

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Grass growing thru, please help!

Postby jrivera2345 » Tue 03 Jun, 2014 10:35

I've had my pool for about 4 weeks now, this morning as I was cleaning it I notice a stem of grass has poked thru. I checked the rest of the pool and its only this one stem at this particular location. My problem is do I have to drain the pool to fix this particular area, or can I repair it without having to drain? And what are the best methods to patch the tear? I'm a newb at this and my kids are really enjoying their pool and I want to fix as fast as possible. Any advice would help.

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Grass growing thru, please help!

Postby CGPoolman » Tue 03 Jun, 2014 16:00

Hi JRivera,

There is a quick fix - you can buy vinyl patches and adhesive at your local pool store or even Wal Mart. You can patch the floor without draining the pool, just make sure you buy the underwater patches (I think they all are underwater but haven't used them in a while). The glue can get messy once it touches the water so be careful.

It's not uncommon for grass to pop thru a liner from time to time, typically we would spray roundup or something stronger before laying down the pool bottom. This will most likely be a recurring issue so just keep some patches on hand and use them as you need to.

After the swim season is done, that would be a good time to maybe drain the pool down, pull that liner, and spray some real good herbicides underneath that pool.


Grass growing thru, please help!

Postby ChrisOrlando » Fri 27 Jun, 2014 14:23

I'm wondering if it is a defect with these pools as I have the sme one and the same issue. I did spray Roundup profusely and layed out the blue tarp that came with the pool, but here I am 4.5 weeks later and 3 grass stems through the bottom ??? Its amazing all that weight, no oxygen and the damn weeds still find a way to survive ! After the summer I'll probably drain it and put a slab of concrete down.

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