Pressure goes up and then drops.

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Pressure goes up and then drops.

Postby Jynxus » Sun 08 Jun, 2014 11:42

My pool pump was working fine until I vacuumed it the last time. Now, it won't hold the prime. I undo the lid on the basket and it fills with water. I replace the lid, turn on the pump, the pressure gauge goes to about 14 and then drops right down and stalls. I am a real beginner to all of this. My son usually looks after it, but I am attempting to regain my independence. The pump is a TS Series (TS 100). The water in the pool won't fill past the skimmer.

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Pressure goes up and then drops.

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 10 Jun, 2014 05:25


It seems that you are sucking in air
Lubricate the "O" ring on the pump basket lid with Vaseline or Silicon grease, this will enable you to tighten the top more securely (you may need to replace the "O" ring)
Check for cracks in the lid or adjacent pipework
Check the skimmer flap isn't stuck upright
Check the water level at the skimmer, do you mean that you can't add any more water to the pool to raise it past the skimmer

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