Remove Silicone From Liner

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Remove Silicone From Liner

Postby eddyo » Tue 17 Jun, 2014 09:19

Any advice on how to remove old silicone from a liner??

I had to remove one of my pool light lenses which was siliconed directly onto the liner.

TSH Tech

Remove Silicone From Liner

Postby TSH Tech » Thu 19 Jun, 2014 02:29

Been there many-O-times. :eh:

Be patient, and gently peel the silicone off the liner. It comes off in little pieces, which is annoying and sometimes if comes off in its molded shape like peeling a banana.

Note - Vinyl liner pools with their lights, return lines, skimmer boxes typically do not need silicone seal. If you have all the brand new gaskets that go with the parts, that's enough to seal the pool. Don't torque down the screws, the parts are only plastic, but make them snug and all will be sealed.

Warped parts, missing gaskets, lazy pool techs all leave a signature - silicone.

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