is it safe

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is it safe

Postby Guest » Tue 11 Jul, 2006 15:29

i got this i don't know what it is in my pool, it looks like a drop of water with a bounch of little black dots in it, they kind of attach themselves to leaves, and i had a frizbe and a boat in the pool and they were on the frizbe but not the boat. i don't know what it is, and if it's safe for the kids to swim?


Postby Guest » Sat 22 Jul, 2006 10:35

Doesn't seem like it

you don't want to know

Postby tinkerbell » Sat 29 Jul, 2006 20:24

We have moved into a house with a pool that has not been properly maintained for a few years, and we are trying to clean it up, has been a NIGHTMARE!!! We have spent already about $700 in chemicals this summer, and it is still not swimmable. So I finally called the pool company and had them send someone out to look at it. We have those little sacs with the black dots in them. We have been running the pump so that the water isn't still standing, trying to keep the mosquitos from nesting in the pool, but that is apparently what is happening anyway. The guys that came from the pool company said they are mosquito egg sacs. The thing is, they are slimy sacs, even though they look like water droplets, so if you take your bug net, you can fish them out. That is what we have been doing, but we aren't swimming in ours yet. I don't think the sacs will hurt your children, but you may want to be sure that they are wearing some waterproof bug spray so they don't get bit if the mosquitos come out.
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Lets Clear Up That pool

Postby PoolGuy » Sun 30 Jul, 2006 17:55

Hello.tinkerbell :

:lol: Shell we clear that miss up in say 48 to 72 hrs. If so just write me. at:
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