Removal of particulate components on bottom of pool

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Allie Katz

Removal of particulate components on bottom of pool

Postby Allie Katz » Mon 14 Jul, 2014 14:41

April I had a professional pool service clean my DE Pentair filter...Although the pool service technician brought their own DE, I prefer to use Fiber Clear. Unknown to me, they added the Fiber Clear to my filtering system in which two grids were broken and un-noticed. Throughout May and June and in-between me doing backwash's and adding more Fiber Clear after the backwash's, the broken grids continuously "spit out" cloudy Fiber Clear back into my swimming pool . I hired another pool service and he cleaned and changed my filter with DE and "ditto"....He returned one week later and changed the broken grids this time using DE and added the pertinent chemicals and now my "surface" pool water " is nice and clear, almost blue, however the particular matter from DE and Fiber Clear are at the bottom of my pool...How can I get rid of this? My Polaris sweeper needs to be repaired and I am wondering if my Polaris has the capability of removing the excess particles at the bottom of my pool! Also, will adding more and more chlorine (as needed) and algae cleaner (as needed) also aid in the decomposition of the particulate matter (residual DE and residual Fiber Clear) at the bottom of my pool to be sucked up and into my swimming pool filtering system and eventually will be removed?
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TSH Tech

Removal of particulate components on bottom of pool

Postby TSH Tech » Fri 25 Jul, 2014 02:40

Anytime DE has blown back into the pool and settled to the bottom, you simply vacuum it up with the vacuum head, pole, and vacuum hose. All the DE at the bottom of the pool goes back into the filter.**

** this is assuming your DE filter grids are repaired and are functioning normally.
Venetia Rose
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Removal of particulate components on bottom of pool

Postby Venetia Rose » Fri 22 Aug, 2014 00:13

Well i think you dont have to wait for a annual clean up of the pool, as there will be a lot of things that will settle down at the base of the pool make your pool very dirty. All what have do is, go in for a swimming pool maintenance on a weekly basis.
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Removal of particulate components on bottom of pool

Postby MikeThePoolman » Tue 09 Sep, 2014 00:51

Replace the broken DE grids and make sure the backwash valve (if there is one) has intact and lubricated o-rings.
Set the valves to suck from the main drain and the DE should get sucked up and coat the grids.

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