Need Hayward housing for C2500-3-H 6 KW heater

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Need Hayward housing for C2500-3-H 6 KW heater

Postby filet2000 » Sun 20 Jul, 2014 19:11

We just moved into a rental house and the spa heater has a broken housing. Is there a replacement or a retrofit.

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Need Hayward housing for C2500-3-H 6 KW heater

Postby CGPoolman » Mon 21 Jul, 2014 09:59


I believe that heater is discontinued, not sure if you can get a housing for it anymore. Best suggestion I could give would be to look into a replacement heater. Balboa makes several different models for less than 200 bucks that should fit into your existing spa without too much hassle.

SpaGuts is a pretty good site to check out, HotTubParts dot com is good too, they have a number you can call if you're looking for something you don't see on their site. I've only used SpaGuts once and was pretty ahppy with them. I use HotTubParts a lot because they are a lot closer to me and I get my parts next day via UPS.

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