Circuit Breaker Tripping

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Circuit Breaker Tripping

Postby filet2000 » Wed 30 Jul, 2014 12:45

Hayward spa controller is tripping the 40 amp breaker after the heater is on for ten or fifteen minutes. The amp draw for the system is around 9 amps with the circulating pump on high and when we turn on the heater it goes up to 54 amps on one leg and 48 amps on the other leg measured with a Fluke clamp on amp-meter.

Can a bad heater element draw that much current or is the problem somewhere else. The heater is a 6 KW 240 volt element. We replaced the thermocouple and repaired all of the leaks. This is a unit in a rental house and it has not been used for several years.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The landlord does not want to spend a lot of money fixing it.

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