DE Filter Low Pressure

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DE Filter Low Pressure

Postby New Pool Owner » Fri 01 Aug, 2014 12:27

My husband and I recently moved into a new house with a 30k gal pool. Having never had a pool before we are having a lot of difficulties figuring everything out.

The first week in the house, our sand filter stopped working. We purchased and installed a Hayward DE3620 Pro-Grid 36-Square-Foot Vertical D.E. Pool Filter. The filters were both Hayward and conveniently fit into all the old fixtures. Since installation we have not been able to get the pressure up on the filter, and our vacuum has had small amounts of DE in its bag, which I am not sure is normal. I have cleaned out all the baskets and checked for blockages, but have not found anything. When you first turn it on, it starts at 10 psi, then drops down after 10 min. When I open the air release valve there is no air in the filter.

We tried to backwash and it ran for 5 min and the water stayed clear. After that we tried taking the lid off to look at the the filburs. We saw all the DE was all down at the bottom of the inside of the filburs, and the tops were slightly green from algae. Could this be something with the pressure? I am not sure what to do next. Please help! :(

The pressure stays between 2-4psi
Chlorine 3.5
pH 7.4
Alkalinity 80

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