Polaris Pb-4 Pump

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Polaris Pb-4 Pump

Postby jodee95 » Sun 03 Aug, 2014 10:08

I went to turn on my polaris Booster Pump and it did not spin. I did hear power to the motor. I was able to move the shaft some without it being turned on. Is this an issue isolated with the impeller housing? I do not want to change out the whole thing pump motor and all if I can help it because I am selling the house and dont want to put any more out than necessary Thank you all you can respond Good Day Joe

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Polaris Pb-4 Pump

Postby CGPoolman » Sun 03 Aug, 2014 17:44


Is the motor making a humming noise, or are you getting nothing at all? Sounds like the motor could need replacing. You wouldn't need a whole new pump, just need to have the motor replaced. For a booster pump my best guess is in the ballpark of 250 for a 1hp sight unseen. Do it yourself and you can get it done for considerably less.

This is a booster pump, so I am guessing that the main circulation pump for the pool is ok? If you are selling the house and don't want to spend the $$, your easiest move might be to just remove the booster pump and cap off the pipes connected to it. The pool will circulate just fine without it but the cleaner will not be very effective at all.

Another option would be to get rid of the booster pump and tie that line into your existing return line with a ball valve so you can direct more pressure thru the cleaner. Not the best way to do things but it is still a lot cheaper than paying to repair the existing booster pump. It will keep everything working till you can sell the place.


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