Putting up 30' pool - what are the next steps

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Scott in Indiana

Putting up 30' pool - what are the next steps

Postby Scott in Indiana » Tue 05 Aug, 2014 20:28

My pool: round, 30', surface
Pool chemicals: none (just starting to fill pool
My pump & filter: Hayward

Bought a used 30' round pool. I have started filling the pool and its about 2' deep.

I only have the round steel pool in the bottom reail, and of course the liner in.
Still watching the liner and adjusting everyday. Have clothes pins around the top.

when should i put the coping strips over the liner? It still needs adjusting while filling...??
After that, I will need to install the top rail (identical to the bottom rail, then the uprights?
any other steps?
I am thinking that maybe about it.
any help is appreciated.


TSH Tech

Putting up 30' pool - what are the next steps

Postby TSH Tech » Tue 05 Aug, 2014 23:04

As you are filling the pool, when the water line reaches about 2 feet to the edge of the steel wall, the liner is pretty much pressed into place by the weight of the water. Go ahead and begin adding the liner hardware to hold it in place. OR, you can let it fill right to the normal water line setting and install the hardware. Waiting until it's filled to the water line will let you stretch the liner out to get any wrinkles out.
I give you these two options because everybody is different, some are just happy to have a pool, vinyl wrinkles and all, some are picky and want perfection out of a pool-in-a-box.

The hardware installation layers on the edge of the walls typically go like this:

---- Top Aluminum Rail hardware
---- Steel Liner clamp protector/lock
------- Plastic Liner clamp hardware
--------- Pool Vinyl liner
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Re: Putting up 30' pool - what are the next steps

Postby bryanwalker » Mon 08 Feb, 2016 06:07

Good job TSH Tech...

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