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Heat Pumps

Postby Ginger » Wed 12 Jul, 2006 16:42

I have a Focus Temp heat pump. It is 3 years old and constantly needs service. It does'nt heat the pool at all right now. Anyone w/ experience w/ Focus Temp?

Dennis Olmezer

Focustemp Heater

Postby Dennis Olmezer » Tue 18 Jul, 2006 07:45

FocusTemp is reletively new to the Heatpump market ( perhaps 3 or 4 years ) It is primarily distributed by those not specifically focused on heatpumps but provide them as an alternative to solar.

I have heard concerns like yours often and have helped others that have had problems not only with the machine but also obtaining customer service and warranty repairs.

I am NOT a warranty station for this piece of equipment but can attempt to provide you service on it.

Where are you located?

Please reach me if there is anything I can do for you

Dennis Oldgeezer
President elect

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