Overuse of Soda Ash

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Overuse of Soda Ash

Postby sendtodh » Sat 16 Aug, 2014 15:15

I have a 14000 gallon fiber glass pool and have added four pounds too much soda ash, what should I do to contract the overage? Am adding more fresh water, any other suggestions?

TSH Tech

Overuse of Soda Ash

Postby TSH Tech » Sat 16 Aug, 2014 18:55

Have a pool party, put some bodies in the pool to bring the level down again. The high level will not have an affect on anyone.

I also noted you state your pool is fiberglass. Fiberglass pools tend to swing out in the acid region of the Ph scale rather quickly because fiberglass holds those acids in the pool. Watch your Total Alkalinity as well, that measurement is important too.

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