1st timer here! need help

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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1st timer here! need help

Postby Poolnovice22 » Wed 12 Jul, 2006 21:00

Hello there everyone, Just came across the forum, and thought id give it a try.... see if I can find some answers to working this new pool iv landed the responsibility of.

Me and my friends have just moved into a rented property in the UK, which has a nice little pool (about 4 x 8 meters, and about 1meter deep, However none of us have ever had a swimming pool before, and I know nothing. Unfortunately we have a landlord who dusnt know anything about it either. His description of pool maintainance consisted of telling us where the ON/Off switch was LOL.

Heres what we have done so far (altho im not sure how right/wrong any of this is.

DAY 1 - We arrive.... Pool has masses of green algae in it, and very empty (only 2 feet water depth) Chlorine tablets already in both the skimmer and in the bottom of the pool.
We net the water and get rid of major debris, then we fill the pool up.

We switch on pump and the pool primes... Jet starts working.
We treat the water with the treatment from the poolhouse and leave overnight.

DAY 2 - Pool water has turned from green, to cloudy (very cloudy) Pump runs all day.... but no change.... We find chlorine stabiliser, so we add some.

*note* What is the fibreglass tank with the pressure guage on the top? is it a filter?? Ours has a glass dome on the top of a tank that looks a bit like a mini immersion heater. Water is leaking from around the dome but only slowly...tank is full with flowing water and the pressure guage reads 12. Is it ok that this thing is leaking? is it dangerous? The dome looks like it should unscrew or detatch somehow, but im scared incase i ruin the pool or cause a leak even worse.

Day 3 - Water still very cloudy....(no change).... Pool continues to filter. Pool underwater lamp does not work... does anyone know how to change the bulb?

If anyone could advise me I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance


Where there's a will theres a way... I think

Postby katlos » Sun 23 Jul, 2006 08:35

your best bet is to take a sample of the water to the local pool store. they will put it through a bunch of test and tell you what is wrong and what and how much you need to get the water clear. when I first moved in I had the same thing after a few months because I didn't know what I was doing. They will tell you what to do in the exact order and probably give you printed instructions in case you forget.

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