Cloud issue .tried everything

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Cloud issue .tried everything

Postby Nixonphotos » Fri 22 Aug, 2014 23:12

It started with must and algae - we were to to super shock it 6 bags of shock and to add the cleaner to it. We did and now it is cloudy - we have spent a week and several dollars on this issue. I have vacuumed it, shocked it, added clarifier (microfloc), regular floc, pool first aid, new sand, and can not get rid of the cloud. All my readings are above normal readings. Any ideas? Nobody else here has been able to help.

Pool Guyy

Re: Cloud issue .tried everything

Postby Pool Guyy » Thu 14 Jan, 2016 15:34

Time and patience.

After you shock the pool the water often turns cloudy or milky. Adding clarifier, floc or other chemicals will only delay the water clearing. It's a waiting game. The water usually clears within 10 days or 2 weeks.

You do need to run the pump at least 14 hours a day (preferably round the clock) until it clears.

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