For eroded plaster, what's the right product?

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For eroded plaster, what's the right product?

Postby paula » Thu 13 Jul, 2006 11:40

Return water action has worn two erosion spots into the white plaster of my pool so the black gunite is exposed. There are no leaks, but some rust is forming on the surface of the spot.
I asked my local pool store for the right product to cover these dark spots and they sold me "Pool Patch for concrete pools", a Portland Cement product, for repairing leaks.
Is this the correct product, or should they have sold me something else?
Such as plaster.
This seemed like a very simple repair, but I am a total amateur at these things, having never used concrete or plaster, so am not sure there is even a difference.
My main concern is that the patch be the same color as the pool's white plaster covering.

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Postby Walter » Thu 13 Jul, 2006 14:49

pool plaster will work but it won't match your color, I don't think you can just buy plaster for a pool, let alone try ot match it up with your existing surface. Your returns should be turned to make the water in the pool circulate around in one direction to help filter debris and dirt into the skimmer.
We are a custom pool and spa builder. We can only offer suggestions with the information given. Don't hesitate to email me if you have a questions and I will answer it as best as I can or point you in the right direction.

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