How To Drain A Pool

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How To Drain A Pool

Postby alphaomegapools » Tue 23 Sep, 2014 14:54

It is sometimes necessary to drain a pool in order to perform maintenance or to improve the quality of the water. The process is relatively simple once you have a submersible pump. Draining a pool requires a few specific steps.

Shut Down Everything

The first step is to shut everything down. You need to turn off the circuit breakers that control the entire filtration system. You also need to turn off the valve and system that automatically fill the pool with water. These steps are essential to protect the systems while the pool drains. Turning them off also prevents potential problems with the electrical system.

Look For and Open the Clean-Out Port

The next step is to look for the clean-out port. The clean-out port is a pipe that connects to the municipal sewer system. The port is a place where the pool water can safely drain out. The port is usually located in the ground somewhere along the front of the property. It can look like a pipe rising vertically out of the ground by several inches. It could also look like a low port with a cap that is a little over 3 inches in diameter. You will likely need a wrench to open the port.

Place the Pump in the Pool

You are going to need a submersible pump in order to start draining the pool. The pump needs to be placed into the pool at the deepest possible point. This is usually where a drain is located. Attach one end of a hose to the pump. Attach the other end to the clean-out port. Make sure the hose runs smoothly between the pump and the port. Any bends or kinks could cause serious problems. Once everything is connected with the hose, you should activate the pump. This will begin sending water out of your pool and into the local sewer system.

Watch the Flow of Water

It can take some time to completely drain your pool. You should not leave the house during this time. You need to watch the fixtures and plumbing inside of your house. A problem can occur if the pump is sending out more water than the clean-out port can handle each minute. This can cause the water from your pool to begin backing up into the toilets, sinks and other fixtures in your house. If you start to notice water back up, then stop the pump right away. You should contact professionals if this occurs.

Call me at Alpha Omega Pool Services If You Have Any Issues or Doubts

It is important to stop draining your pool immediately if anything unusual starts happening. Any number of issues could damage your plumbing or your property. It is far better to call me, Mickey, and ask me about the problems rather than to cause damage to your property or pool. I can be reached with your questions. Thanks for reading and best of luck draining your pool!


Re: How To Drain A Pool

Postby stoat » Tue 03 Nov, 2015 06:35

Thanks for this helpful information.
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Re: How To Drain A Pool

Postby KWMiers » Tue 29 Dec, 2015 05:12

The information provided here is very helpful. Swimming pool water can go bad after long time. Regular draining of your pool water is very necessary.
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Re: How To Drain A Pool

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 29 Dec, 2015 07:27

A few errors or ommisions

Pool water doesn't go bad unless it is left to stagnate, when it is probably easier to replace than spend a lot of money and time cleaning it
You may need to partially reduce the level and replenish to lower the cyanuric acid level

There is no mention of the precautions in the draining of a fibreglass or liner pool inground
The ground water would lift the pool up unless you have a Hydrostatic Relief Valve fitted to equalise the pressure
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Re: How To Drain A Pool

Postby Honey » Sat 23 Jan, 2016 14:44

Thanks for the information.
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Re: How To Drain A Pool

Postby bryanwalker » Mon 08 Feb, 2016 06:09

I will try this at my own pool. thanks!
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Re: How To Drain A Pool

Postby Greys0n » Mon 14 Mar, 2016 06:39

very helpful info

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