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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby babyshelby » Thu 09 Jun, 2005 15:38

I have very green water. I cant even see the shallow end of the pool. We have spent about 150 dollars so far on chlorine, shock treatments, algeacides, ph balancers, conditioners........NOTHING IS WORKING!!! We thought it might be the sand in the filter so we changed that and OF COURSE that didnt work either. It has been raining off and on here but with all the chlorine that we have dumped in (5 times regular dosage so far ) it still doesnt register that there is any cholrine in the water at all. If it is a algea problem why doesnt the super algeacide (we have put in 3 times now) working? What is my problem???? HELP!!!!! :cry: :roll:


Postby L » Wed 15 Jun, 2005 09:08

Before you use "Yellow Out" make sure your PH is 8.0 & your clorine is normal. I listened to a rookie and found my pool without clorine after using Yellow Out. I shocked 3 times at the normal rate and finally doubled the dose to get the clorine back up. I changed out the sand in my sand filter last year (sand filter only 2 years old) with zeosand and replaced the pump. After this experience with suspended dead algae, I'm having a DE filter installed. In a couple of years it will pay for itself and save me work and grief.

Postby k8e » Thu 16 Jun, 2005 17:53

I have the same problem now. My pool guy asked if we, or anyone we know around us have used any type of fertilizer--that neutralized the chlorine and makes it register as 0. we have added yellow out and chlorine and now the chlorine levels are coming back up--slowly.

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