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pool light

Pool light

Postby pool light » Tue 07 Oct, 2014 21:12

I purchased an Intellibrite 5G Color LED light from my local pool company. I have an inground pool that is surrounded by a deck, with a small portion of the pool that is actually above ground while underneath the deck. The portion of pool that is above ground includes the area where the conduit that contains the wiring for the light comes out of the pool. The pool light is about 2 feet below the normal water level.
The pool company stated my pre-existing light set-up was not up to code because the junction box was not 18 inches above pool water level. I hired an electrician to run new conduit. The conduit comes out of the pool and then goes up to a level just beneath the deck. Then runs horizontally under the deck for about 5 feet at which point it is no longer under the deck. The conduit the goes up 2 feet to the new junction box. The pool company then installed the light. Unfortunately, water leaks from the conduit when the water level in the pool rises to the height of the conduit under the deck. The pool company stated that all conduits have water in them and there is no seal in the niche that prevents water from exiting the niche and into the conduit. Now with winter coming, they are recommending that I put heat tape on the conduit so that the water doesn’t freeze and cause the conduit to burst.
When I contacted my electrician he states that the conduit is not made to hold water and that water shouldn’t be exiting the niche. He is also telling me that I should not put heat tape on the conduit because it could be a fire hazard and it could also melt the light wiring.

Sorry for the long story but my question is the following;
Should there be water in the conduit coming out of the pool, should the niche be sealed such that water doesn’t flow into the conduit?

TSH Tech

Pool light

Postby TSH Tech » Wed 22 Oct, 2014 23:34

Hello, read your story, hopefully this will put you at ease.

ALL swimming pools built in the mid-1980's to present run CPCV electrical conduit. That is standard code across the board. Now, here's what separates pool electricians from electricians; pool electricians use primer/PVC Blue Hot Glue to mend the pipes together, because the conduit will be flooded with water. An electrician who specializes mostly in homes and structures will use conduit glue. Big difference, ordinary conduit glue will leak when used in swimming pool environments. I wasn't there, I didn't observe the electrician build it, but based on my experience, this is the most likely problem that occurred.

"fire hazard". :lol: It's underwater! Shock hazard yes, assuming people are in the pool. But normally, when a pool light shorts out, the mandatory installed CGFI trips and all electricity to the light is switched off.

Conduit and water. If the CPVC(grey plastic pipe) is used under water, you will be absolutely fine. My only hope is the electrician did not use the steel grade conduit for a swimming pool light. If so, it will have to be removed and replaced with CPVC.

Next, never seal the niche at the conduit port if you can absolutely, positively avoid it! Many sub-par quality pool technicians and home Do-It-Yourselfers like to solve leaky conduit problems by jamming industrial strength silicone in the conduit. The problem is, if that light ever has to come out and be replaced, re-installing a new light is going to be a royal pain in the you-know-what. I am not kidding. Whatever raging temper you have suppressed in your calm soul, will flare up in a fraction of a second when it is discovered there is silicone jammed in the conduit. You may not do the work, but the "other guy" may just want to walk away from the job unpaid because it's not worth it. So please, if anyone suggests that, find another technician that is more experienced in pool lights.

I hope this was informative and put a little more assurance that the problem is not as bad as it seems.
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Pool light

Postby trottmarkus » Fri 24 Oct, 2014 09:26

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