What is a good Pool Company to use?

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New Pool Guy

What is a good Pool Company to use?

Postby New Pool Guy » Thu 13 Jul, 2006 17:11

Hello I recently purchased a house in Nanuet, NY and I am looking to install an inground pool, preferably gunite....a friend of mine recommended B&B Pool and Spa Center to me....has anyone used them before....i need some good responses before I go and spend 60 - 100k ....my friend advised to see their installs....

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New Pool

Postby PoolGuy » Fri 04 Aug, 2006 20:31

Here is what I would do, First find out if they have put any pools in your area,in the last 10 years. go look at them and see if you find cracks in there pool,and talk to the owner of that pool.. if the company is less than 10 years look out,check B&B with the BBB first.
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