Shocked. Acid. Chlorine bopper. Slightly Cloudy pool.

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.
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Shocked. Acid. Chlorine bopper. Slightly Cloudy pool.

Postby latifusaamah » Mon 07 Dec, 2015 04:22


I live in Mozambique and so the variety and range of pool equipment and chemicals I can get is extremely limited. However, manageable. Recently we emptied out the pool to clean it and once the water got put back in it turned green. I then 'shocked' it using cloroshock, added some acid and a chlorine Bopper. The water got much clearer and all the test came out fine however the pool became pretty cloudy. No the 'milk' colors that some people seem to be getting but pretty bad. I don't understand, I've tried so many things and always resulted in failure. Please help.

(I have a hth pool testing kit. No professional testing facilities where I live)
Pool Tests:
Ph: little higher than 7.6
Chlorine level: Fine (Don't know exactly what but corresponds correctly with the color strip)
I don't know the rest. I just know it's ok to swim in. Just annoyingly cloudy.

Thank you in advance!

P.s. Any other info ill try and get ASAP. Please help me!

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Re: Shocked. Acid. Chlorine bopper. Slightly Cloudy pool.

Postby Larry » Tue 08 Dec, 2015 02:34

It is normal for a green pool to turn cloudy or milky after shocking it. The water usually clears within a few days but can take up to 10 days in some cases.

Are you able to find "flocculant" or "clarifier" because this can also speed up the process.
You should also consider running the filter for as long as possible, around the clock if you can.

Are there any other details you could give about your pool:
size/ volume
pump size or flow rate
filter type and size
pool surface


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