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Lap Pool Light

Postby CoachGiv » Mon 21 Dec, 2015 19:08

I am in the process of building a new 50 foot lap pool. They just finished the gunite stage and waiting for it to cure. After I had a chance to walking in the shell and look around I noticed they placed the light right in the middle of the flip turn section on the wall. My kids and I will be kicking off of the light on every flip turn. My pool builder guarantees that the light is tough enough to take it. He says my only option is to remove the light or live with it. I am installing the pentair intellibrite 5G color changing LED. Do you think this can withstand the abuse?

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Re: Lap Pool Light

Postby Larry » Wed 23 Dec, 2015 05:11

Hi Coach

The pool light lenses are extremely durable and will not break under normal use, even if used for kicking off.

Direct shock from heavy or hard objects are needed to crack the lens.

So although not ideal (it may disturb you to push off from the convex lamp), it should not result in any risk.


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