Where to site heat exchanger

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Where to site heat exchanger

Postby Axel » Wed 30 Dec, 2015 15:41

Hello everyone,

I'm having a pool built (50,000 litres, in ground) in SW Spain.

Question is this: The pump room with the connections to the 50mm heating pipes is 50m away from the plant room with the solar thermal buffer tank and heat store etc. I want to use the pool as a heat dump for when I have excess heat from solar panels to prevent stagnation of panels, and also to make the pool warmer.

I have a Bowman heat exchanger. Should I locate this in the pool pump room and run 22 or 28mm pipe with the primary heating circuit water (that will be at 25- 80°C) the whole 50m run, or should I put the heat exchanger in the solar plant room and run the cooler (25-30°C) chlorinated pool water in 35mm PVC or mdpe pipe the whole 50m length?

Many thanks in advance!

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Re: Where to site heat exchanger

Postby Larry » Mon 04 Jan, 2016 09:19

Hi Axel and sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

We always put the heat exchanger as close to the pump as possible, otherwise you end up with too much pressure loss on the filtration system.

If necessary, you could add an extra circulation pump to the hot water line from the solar panels.


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