Popups Leak?

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Popups Leak?

Postby TZ99 » Mon 11 Jan, 2016 17:19


Our pool has a leak and we are loosing about an inch of water for every three hours the pump runs. There is no leakage when the pump is off so pretty sure it has to be in the lines somewhere.

I contacted Leak Detectors and they’ve charged me twice for checking the main return and the spa lines. Now they are telling me I need to drain the pool so they can check the pop-ups. However, I have the bypass on and do not use the pop-ups (just a crawler).

Since we don’t use the pop-ups plus it only leaks when the motor is running that doesn’t sound like the problem. I’m wondering if the detection was incorrect with the main return? Does this sound right and should I proceed? I'm sure if they don't find the problem with the popups I won't get any refunds. Help, does this sound like a problem with the pop-ups and should I continue inspections?

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Re: Popups Leak?

Postby Larry » Tue 12 Jan, 2016 03:50


It sounds pretty much like a leak on the return line. Unfortunately when it comes to leak detection there is no homegrown easy fix.

We use a professional service periodically and have had mixed results. Often we have to rely on other more subtle clues to help us find the leaks. We try to look for patches of the garden that don't drain well after rain, subsiding dirt, air or fine debris around one return jet...

There are a variety of leak detection tools that use sound, heat or gas to help pinpoint the leak. If there are no visual clues as to the location of the leak I suggest you consult a company that offers some kind of guarantee.

As to your specific question, if the pool does not leak with the pump off, the leak is probably near ground level making it more easy to find. If it were under the pool, the pressure of the water would cause a constant (and perhaps slow) leak. Have you tried leaving the pump off for a few days and closing all the valves to confirm there is no leak, however slight?


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