Raising deep end by 1 foot

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Raising deep end by 1 foot

Postby Jpatterson007 » Tue 26 Jan, 2016 16:40

I am in a new pool construction and they just poured the Gunite about 2 weeks ago. They did a great job but the transition from the shallow end to the deep end happens fairly quickly not allow enough area to stand in the shallow end. The PB told me to fix this he would need to add another foot of Gunite to the deep end making it a 7.5ft deep end instead of the current 8.5 ft. He says he can raise the drain without breaking all around it so that shouldn't be a problem. The quote I got is just over $8K to do this. Does this sound reasonable and in line? I assume shooting Gunite over Gunite is no big deal correct?

Appreicate your feedback!

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Re: Raising deep end by 1 foot

Postby Larry » Wed 27 Jan, 2016 08:37

We are builders of concrete pools so I don't have any of experience with Gunite (dry-mix shotcrete). In our region shotcrete is almost never used. We routinely add concrete to pools to reduce their depth, usually older pools but sometimes new shells too.

To avoid leaks due to the "joint" of the 2 concrete layers, we waterproof the bottom slab and walls before pouring the fill concrete regardless of the age of the original concrete. We also always use rebar in the fill: first we epoxy rebar into the existing walls and then use welded wire fabric to reinforce the fill slab.

I don't know the particular techniques and procedures for Gunite nor the price in the U.S. (I assume). I'm guessing your pool is around 750-800sq.ft. Please confirm this so others on the forum can evaluate the cost more accurately.


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