very rough pool bottom

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very rough pool bottom

Postby thedoghouse.cox » Sat 30 Jan, 2016 04:53

We bought a house with an indoor pool in 2010. Been working on the house ever since. Now the pool. Unused since 2005 at least, no water. Everything works, no leaks, but the plaster looks terrible. As we are in our 70's and will use the pool very little, we listened to the pool co. talk us into painting the pool. They did a nice job, using 2 part epoxy paint, which turned out too slippery. The contractor said he would add salt to make the surface rougher for safety and now the pool bottom is so sharp it is very painful to put a foot down. Any ideas how to smooth the finish so we don't have red, bloody water? The contractor suggests more paint or sanding down the salt, or both. Any ideas? I have a Porter-Cable sander which is smoothing it out, but very slow...

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Re: very rough pool bottom

Postby Larry » Sat 30 Jan, 2016 07:14

Unfortunately the solution is either sanding or paint. If it were me I would opt for more paint because sanding leaves tiny ridges and scratches in the surface which can trap dirt or harbor algae or bacteria.


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