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Backwast water usage

Postby Fabio » Sat 11 Jun, 2005 00:21

I'm doing a thesis on the running cost (water) of a pool, and I've come across a problem....for a pool say 35000 litres which does a backwash every week for say 5 minutes, howmuch water does it discharge to the sewer? :?:

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby PaulInOntario » Sun 12 Jun, 2005 21:36

Backwashing wastes approximately 320 litres of water per minute.
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Pool Care Proficient
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Water wastage

Postby vaughanwilliams » Mon 13 Jun, 2005 14:48

Dear pool owners,

From recent experience we have come to the conclusion that most Cypriot pool companies are backwashing pool filters far too frequently, purely out of habit. Excessive backwashing is wasteful of water, chemicals, and in the case of Watermaids, salt.
Certain pool maintenance companies are backwashing every week. This is probably about 3 times more frequent than needs to be. For people with contracts where chemicals are extra, this will result in higher bills. For people with Watermaids this will result in loss of salt.
The correct way to tell when a filter needs backwashing is to make a note of the pressure reading on the filter guage immediately after a backwash. Only when the guage reads 10psi more does the filter need backwashing again.

We all need to save water in Cyprus. We don't want you spending money you don't need to on chemicals/salt.
As a long term water saving solution we recommend Zeolite sand replacement filter medium. This requires less frequent backwashing than sand and less water to backwash it when it finally needs it. This can result in a water saving of 30% in swimming pool water consumption.

Vaughan Williams
Technical Director
Octopus Pools

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