Monarch ESR 160 Red Lights

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Monarch ESR 160 Red Lights

Postby Reburn84 » Tue 29 Mar, 2016 00:50

Hi guys, hoping for some help : the two red warning lights are on on my ESR 160. The cell housing is full of clear water and I know this should be cloudy and the cell production up around 100 (it is fluctuating around 02 - 03). The know-it-all in me figured it was low on salt, hence low chlorination. I have added 50 kg of salt but it is still the same. The cell is pretty much calcium free. From looking through other forums it appears the cell might be stuffed but it was only a new cell installed last year, after a similar issue. That time the lights were showing red and green. I also gathered the cell should last a few years at least. Any help would be muchos apprecios : )

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