no pressure no water movement

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no pressure no water movement

Postby seren429 » Fri 08 Apr, 2016 14:18


When my pool pump engages it does not suck water, both sump and skimmer valves are open, the main controller is switched to filter and both filters are clean I have filled the filter by the pump with water and tested, the impala does suck that water through.

I have removed the Skimmer valve and all pipes are clear of water. I hoovered the bottom of the pool last weekend and it all worked fine.

The big fibreglass filter ball reads zero pressure.

I have run the pump very quickly with all valves closed and there is still no change in the pressure guage

Help, I don't want my pool to turn green or have to spend a fortune on an engineer.


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Re: no pressure no water movement

Postby Denniswiseman » Sun 10 Apr, 2016 06:43

Is the pump basket full of water, if not you are sucking in air, check and lubricate the "O" ring
If it is then the pump impeller may have come loose
Do you have sufficoent water in the pool to fill the skimmer

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